Sunday, 6 November 2016

CX-E Meets Skype for Business

Elevating the Enterprise Capabilities of Skype for Business

Making Skype for Business Your PBX Replacement

Are you thinking of deploying Skype for Business as your next corporate PBX? Due to Microsoft’s increasing presence in the enterprise unified communications market segment, many companies are either moving to Skype for Business as their sole call control solution or are integrating it into an existing PBX environment for specific departments or branch offices. On its own, Skype for Business supports voice communications with a rich mix of UC offerings, including presence, instant messaging and conferencing. But implementing Skype for Business as a PBX replacement requires additional mission-critical communications elements to fully replace what you have today. AVST’s CX-E platform elevates the enterprise capabilities of your Skype for Business environment. With its direct IP integration to Skype for Business, CX-E delivers essential communications applications for your business, including:

·        Enterprise-class voice messaging to support your confidentiality and compliance
·        Enterprise-wide and departmental speech and DTMF automated attendant
·        Informal call centre for ACD and UCD functionality
·        Intelligent call completion based on schedules and user presence
·        Personal assistant to enable your mobile workforce
·        Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and notification capabilities